Saadaah Media. The media agency with a very different agenda.

As a team, we believe that happiness and positivity are the foundation on which life’s successes are built and investing in an optimistic mindset will yield high results, in both personal and professional development.

We believe we have a responsibility to raise the profile of all the amazing people and events that are happening in the world in order to highlight the good that so many people are doing and motivate more to follow suit. Our news updates will uplift, inspire and motivate. We will be your daily fix of positivity and good energy. And success will automatically follow.

Our goal is to counter all the depressing news that today’s world, unfortunately, churns out at top speed. We’ll be keeping pace with our unique brand of coverage, trustworthy, reliable and upbeat. Together, we will increase awareness of the positives in the world and strengthen our collective faith in humanity. It’s summed up in our name itself, which means Happiness.

Our areas of expertise are:

Research, Strategy and Planning of specialised research content. We provide high calibre products and services that maintain high customer satisfaction levels.

Drafting political, economical and media studies research papers. Our diverse and well qualified research team has a fluent command of both Arabic and English.

Our team of experts liaises with local and international media press on behalf of more than 100 international media institutions. We also contribute to publishing news, reports and press interviews professionally.

Saadaah Media exists to bring powerful, off-beat, creative ideas to life. The kind of ideas that take you by surprise and get your attention.

Customised solutions. We know the greatest idea is nothing if it doesn’t have the right audience. So when our ideas are ready to take centre stage, we ensure they are shared with the right partners, in the most innovative and effective manner, standing apart from the clutter.

We provide a range of training and development programs as well, developing institutional and social communication systems both within and outside institutions. We also offer comprehensive institutional leadership   training to enable leaders to communicate effectively on all social media platforms, and prepare them to manage the media at press conferences professionally.