1. Create uplifting and positive content 

Drafting and managing press and media campaigns; writing press releases for government and private institutions. We have access to more than 100 local and international press organisations in several languages.

Our main focus is creating happy and positive content in terms of (scientific research, studies related to conferences and events, published news, broadcast and photo media) in cooperation with research centres and influential figures around the world and in the Arab region.

Including the dissemination of news and videos in “SaadaahNews” social media platforms. We will enhance your experience with data-driven digital marketing. Creating smarter digital stories by defining your target audience, refining your messaging and setting goals for your content.

2. Conference organisation & Event management

Organising a conference from the ground up requires a tremendous amount of forethought and data gathering. Our measure of a successful conference is: great content, good speakers and engaged attendees. It’s a big challenge, but we’re up for it. With us organising your conference, you can be sure of meeting all your objectives and your attendees having a rewarding experience.

Conference organisation and event management services, with happiness and positivity themes, for government and private sector.

Managing and organising conference and events with new and innovative ideas that impress clients and create meaningful moments for the attendees.

Providing press materials as well as conference and event publications relevant to happiness and positivity.

Developing institutional and social communication systems inside and outside the institutions. Providing comprehensive training for institutions’ leaders, to enable them to communicate effectively on all social media platforms, and coach them to deal with press conferences professionally.

Drafting and managing media campaigns and media content for government and private institutions. We aim at making your campaign reach more than 100 local and international media institutions with diversity of languages.

Creating happy and positive content to scientific research, studies related to conferences, events, published news or broadcasted and illustrated media materials) in cooperation with different research centres and influential figures in the local and international domain.

3. Providing comprehensive Media writing courses 

The ultimate aim of journalism should be to tell a story as clearly and concisely as possible. Saadaah Media provides clients with an excellent collection of practical journalism tips and offers them comprehensive media writing to respond to various propaganda or distortion campaigns through international and local media.

Assisting organisations and companies to create a network of communication with journalists and prominent media figures,  to support the objectives of the institutions and to provide international content that contributes to the promotion of its vision and reach to the international audiences around the world.